I'm ann, THIS IS MY design journey.

What I've Been up to

I'm a multidisciplinary designer with backgrounds in visual arts, software development, and behavioral psychology. My unique background and experience have helped me develop skills to craft holistic & beautiful user experiences that encompass user diversity and empathy. I also have experience designing in a wide range of environments from large international companies to start-ups, and freelance gigs.

In my free time I enjoy experimenting with different artistic mediums, basking in the sun, and lifting heavy things in the gym.

Product Designer

Freelance Designer
@Various clients

UX Designer

Front-end Designer

Graphic Designer & Marketing

Freelance Designer
@Various clients

B.S. Information Science + User Experience Concentration (Cum Laude)
@Cornell University

creating impactful product experiences that are designed with diversity, empathy, and the user in mind.


Design to be user-centric which means being inclusive of people from all backgrounds.


Design solutions that empower users to solve problems in their daily lives.


People love beauty. A flow that is immediately eye catching helps facilitate engagement and capture the user's attention.


Including users in the entire design process to ensure that people of all abilities can access